Thanks to the great strides made in modern technology, there are now platforms such as Airbnb allowing us to access products and services without having direct ownership, and marketplaces like Etsy enabling us to purchase directly from providers without intervention from third parties. The business model used by such companies are coined as the sharing economy, access economy, or peer-to-peer economy amongst others, and is increasingly becoming the norm.

This approach to business has several unique challenges and needs. Firstly, the success and reputation of the company relies greatly on the independent contractors who are the actual providers of products and services to customers. Thus it is in the best interest of companies to ensure that customer expectations are met while providers are empowered with the information needed to succeed. Secondly, as governments are still in the process of adapting to these major shifts, there are new regulations springing up constantly, which the companies must enforce with its vast number of users across different localities. Lastly, although there are incentives in coaching people for the reasons explained above, training tends to be voluntary rather than mandatory since most companies are technically only providing a destination for transactions to take place and are not responsible for what goes on between the independently-working provider and customer. For training to work in this industry, content must be compelling and engaging as well as flexibly accessible on-the-go and on-demand.

Discover how businesses in the sharing and access economies use BrandAcademy to enable all the people remotely working in its network to perform their best while upholding the company’s reputation, trust, and service quality to the end customer.

Enable your entire network to become high performers and stay ahead of the competition

Enable your people to be successful and drive sales by providing them with proven techniques and best practices

Quickly adapt to changing situations by building content directly on the app and sending it in real-time

Always have a pulse on what’s happening in the field by receiving insights and feedback from your community

Provide positive reinforcements through the gamified app and engage all your users near and far

How Businesses in the Sharing Economy can Train, Align, Market and Communicate with BrandAcademy


Effective onboarding available to be taken remotely is essential in the sharing economy. Independent workers sprawled across different localities will have to learn how to use the company’s platform, their medium to reach customers and make sales, on their own. From guides on how to execute on-the-job tasks to company policies, help them get started quickly.

Ongoing Training and Support

Whether its best practices or tips from top performers, it’s important to provide ongoing support to enable your entire network to perform at their best and stay ahead of the competition. Update your workers with hints on how to increase sales, then receive feedback from the field to always have a grasp on the situation.

Brand Training

Due to the unique setup of the sharing economy, it is highly important for independent contractors who are the face of your company to represent you well and uphold your reputation. Train them on your brand promises, values and mission so they represent you accordingly. If there are specific brand vocabulary words your community should be using, make sure they know and are using these phrases regularly.

Company Policy and Guidelines

In order to protect your organization, it is crucial for your entire workforce to be aligned on company policies and procedures. Effective education provided on a regular basis will keep policies top-of-mind in workers and serve as a reminder to comply with it. Since policies can quickly change or become obsolete, re-educating your workers every time there are updates is necessary as well.

Technology Updates

Platforms are constantly evolving to serve customers better with improved experiences and adapt to adapt to changes in technology. Since the success of your business depends on your workforce, make sure they continue to understand how to use the solution and also know how to take advantage of any new features that will help to drive more sales.

Regulation Updates

Providing excellent customer service is not an easy feat, but it is essential in ensuring satisfaction and building lasting relationships with your clients so they keep returning to your services. From good communication skills to handling surprises, prepare your workforce to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Promotional Campaigns

It is highly important for everyone to be aligned in order to get the most out of any campaign such as promotions and special offers. Make sure everyone on the field understands the details of an upcoming campaign, like its objectives and strategy. Then, get feedback on how your end-customers respond to the campaign from your frontline.

Safety and Security

Enforcing a firm understanding on safety and security procedures across your workforce will benefit your company’s trust and reputation in the long run. A basic understanding in data privacy, emergency procedures, and administering first aid can go a long way to protect both your partners and end-customers.

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