Built-in Authoring Tool

Simply drag and drop files to create beautiful training content directly on BrandAcademy.

Rich Content & Quizzes

Create learning engagement with video, audio, pictures. Track understanding and retention with quizzes.

Points & Leaderboard

Encourage users to learn through positive reinforcements and a fun gamified experience.

Comment & Feedback

Spark group discussions or bounce ideas off of each other on the deck, or receive feedback privately 1-on-1.

Metrics & Reports

Track and oversee user progress, performance, and engagement all from your admin dashboard.


Never miss an important update by receiving both in-app and email notifications.

Real-time Updates

From user metrics and comments to content updates, everything is updated in real-time.

Easy Registration

Add members one by one from the admin panel, or edit and import a CSV file to add in bulk.

Individuals & Teams

Track progress, push content, send notifications (and more!) by user or by team.

Custom Brand

Make the tool truly yours — add your brand’s logo and pick from two slick themes.


BrandAcademy is a software as a service (SaaS) ensuring easy setup and maintenance.

Localized to User Needs

Multi-lingual and responsive to all devices, you can access BrandAcademy anytime, anywhere.