Selling luxury products is starkly different from selling average consumer goods. Affluent clients, who are the main target of the luxury industry, tend to be much more demanding, with higher expectations in terms of service and support. In-depth product expertise and knowledge of sales techniques are a must, but soft skills such as communication, attentiveness to client needs, and the ability to delight are also needed to build long-lasting relationships that make customers loyal to the brand. There is also a strong brand image that the customer-facing staff must fully embody and represent.

It is therefore highly important for retail associates and salespeople on the floor to have specialized training on how to provide excellent customer experiences, to represent the brand, and to close sales in the luxury arena.

Discover how luxury brands uses BrandAcademy to nurture sales associates, retail staff, and brand ambassadors to ensure that their customers are receiving world-class services from start to finish.

Enable your sales representatives to delight and surprise customers and truly embody your brand values

Help your staff sell more by delivering key product information and sales techniques as micro-stories

Quickly adapt to changing situations by building content directly on the app and sending it in real-time

Always have a pulse on what’s happening in the field by receiving insights and feedback from your frontline

Provide positive reinforcements through the gamified app and engage all members in your channels

How Luxury Brands can Train, Align, Market and Communicate with BrandAcademy

Collection and Product Information

In the luxury arena, product expertise is absolutely essential and expected by clients. Enable your retail associates to become true advisors and make it easy for them to build relationships by broadening their sales talk. Get them up to speed on knowledge about current and past collections, as well as details like craftsmanship and product sourcing.

Sales Techniques

Selling in the luxury industry is very particular, centering less on directly promoting products, and more on catering to the needs of clients and building rapport. Infuse effective sales techniques to help point-of-sales staff provide personalized services that ‘wow’ customers and ultimately close sales.

Brand Training

Customer-facing staff are the face of the brand — make sure they know the values and missions they represent. Train retail associates on the brand’s origins, heritage, history, key figures and events. If there are specific brand vocabulary words your staff should be using, make sure they know and are using these phrases regularly.

Etiquette and Presentation

From tips on exuding elegance and poise through body language, basic etiquette on personal presentation and grooming, to guidance on how to hold products when presenting them to customers, there are various points that sales associates must learn and keep in mind when attending to clients.

Promotional Campaigns

It is highly important that all salespeople are completely aligned to get the most out of any campaign, such as promotions, events, and special offers. Make sure everyone on the field understands the details of an upcoming campaign, like its objectives, strategy, and sales target. Then, get feedback on how customers respond to the campaign from your frontline.

Visual Merchandising

Creating an aesthetically appealing retail environment to let shoppers fully experience your brand through visual components is absolutely key in maximizing sales. Deliver presentation guidelines instructing details such as which SKUs to use in a specific setup, how to fold, what to stack, and which signage to use.


Quick, effective onboarding is especially important in the luxury goods industry, where retail staff turnover rates are extremely high, coupled with the need of training seasonal and temp staff during peak seasons. From policies to product knowledge to guides on how to execute on-the-job tasks, help them efficiently transition into their positions.

Ongoing Training and Support

Make sure all your channels have what they need to succeed, whether they are your direct employees, franchisees, or resellers. Provide them with essential information to drive sales, then receive feedback from the field to understand what is going on in each and every channel.

Customer Support and After-sales

Providing excellent customer service is not an easy feat, but it is essential in ensuring satisfaction and building lasting relationships with your clients. From good communication skills to the ability of handling surprises, prepare your staff to deliver personalized support and positive brand experiences to customers.

Employee Engagement

Transform your beauty associates into brand ambassadors that exude the essence of your company. Provide staff opportunities to grow in their field, while reinforcing company values and missions along the way. Help them feel recognized through positive feedback as well as included in key matters to further build employee engagement.

Omni-channel Management

Customers expect to interact with brands in a seamless way, whether it is channel online or offline, at various points in their purchasing process, across different geographies and languages. Prep everyone with solutions to all potential customer needs while representing the brand cohesively, end-to-end.

Retail Safety and Security

Unfortunate events can happen at any given moment. Prepare members on the floor to respond to any safety or security breaches, from retail loss prevention, down to natural or human-caused disasters. Furthermore, tips on how to manage crowds and reducing the chances of shoplifting will help drive retailers to success.

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