From retail to hospitality, many businesses use seasonal workers and temp staff for a boost of manpower during their peak seasons, often gathering people on a very short notice. The greatest challenge is to get them up to speed as fast as possible and with the least amount of downtime so they can be effective as your helping hands and contribute to your bottom line.

Welcome and get the most out of your temporary and seasonal staff with BrandAcademy by training them with vital on-the-job knowledge and skills without taking time out of other staff in the field for maximum productivity.

Induct temporary and seasonal staff in a timely and engaging fashion

Familiarize your temp hires on your organization’s culture and train them on necessary knowledge and on-the-job skills

Automate repetitive training with learning content on-demand; quickly build and push new content directly on the app

Establish rapport by having an open channel of communication to discuss as a group or receive 1-on-1 feedback

Provide positive reinforcements through the gamified app and engage new members right off the bat

Bringing You the New Age Temp Staff Training

Powerful Built-in Authoring Tool

Create beautiful learning content or quizzes directly in BrandAcademy using text, videos, images, audios, and PDFs. The intuitive interface makes it easy to push micro-stories, all in real-time.

Comment and Feedback

Empower your salesforce and foster collaboration through communication. Spark conversations on what’s happening in the field and get high-performers to share tips to become collectively stronger.

On-the-Go and On-Demand

BrandAcademy is mobile-first so your salespeople can access content anytime, anywhere when they need it the most, from their preferred device. Learn relevant skills, apply it immediately.

Gamified Learning Experience

Engage and motivate the people in your sales channels with gamification, which reinforces positive behavior by providing recognition and visualizing progress through points and leaderboard ranking.

Metrics and Reports

Always know where your salespeople stand with BrandAcademy’s sophisticated dashboard. It allows you to track progress and engagement levels across individuals and teams.

Easy to Maintain

BrandAcademy is cloud-based requiring no difficult setup, software or additional vendors for maintaining the platform or creating and uploading content. Everything can be done just by you!

Use BrandAcademy to Implement All Types of Training for Temporary Employees

Onboarding Training

Induct new workers so they can smoothly transition into their roles and be productive by training them on essential skills, knowledge, and tools.

Roles and Responsibilities

Clarify to your temp hires what their specific roles and responsibilities will be so they know what is expected of them and how they can contribute.

Brand Training

Make sure that your company’s messaging, missions and values are understood as to not confuse customers about who you are or what you offer.

Product and Service Knowledge

Empower your temp staff to thrive at their role by infusing in-depth knowledge about your products and services.

Promotional Campaigns

Get your temp workers completely aligned to get the most out of any campaign, such as promotions, events, and special offers.

Safety and Security

Ensure workplace safety and prevent security breaches by training all your personnel on how to deal with various emergency situations and their role in preventive measures.

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