Compliance training is critical for the long-term success of your business. Making sure that your employees understand the laws, regulations, and policies governing their day-to-day function will go a long way to protect your organization from various risks. Promoting good morale will also help cultivate a productive, high-performance workplace. Regular refreshers and ongoing training as new laws and regulations are implemented are necessary to assure understanding and awareness across all your employees.

Don’t make compliance training an afterthought — safeguard your organization by using BrandAcademy on an on-going basis to train your employees on the importance of following compliance guidelines in an engaging way.

Compliance Training that Doesn’t Suck — Relevant, Retainable, and Engaging

Automate repetitive training with learning content on-demand; quickly build and push new content when new policies arise

Deliver content as interactive micro-stories that are easy to retain, then quiz users on their understanding

Have an open channel for communication if people have questions, want to discuss certain topics, or have feedback

Provide positive reinforcements through the gamified app and engage support staff wherever they are located

Making it Easy to Protect Your Organization

Powerful Built-in Authoring Tool

Create beautiful learning content or quizzes directly in BrandAcademy using text, videos, images, audios, and PDFs. The intuitive interface makes it easy to push micro-stories, all in real-time.

Comment and Feedback

Empower your salesforce and foster collaboration through communication. Spark conversations on what’s happening in the field and get high-performers to share tips to become collectively stronger.

On-the-Go and On-Demand

BrandAcademy is mobile-first so your salespeople can access content anytime, anywhere when they need it the most, from their preferred device. Learn relevant skills, apply it immediately.

Gamified Learning Experience

Engage and motivate the people in your sales channels with gamification, which reinforces positive behavior by providing recognition and visualizing progress through points and leaderboard ranking.

Metrics and Reports

Always know where your salespeople stand with BrandAcademy’s sophisticated dashboard. It allows you to track progress and engagement levels across individuals and teams.

Easy to Maintain

BrandAcademy is cloud-based requiring no difficult setup, software or additional vendors for maintaining the platform or creating and uploading content. Everything can be done just by you!

Use BrandAcademy to Implement All Types of Compliance Training


From sexual harassment to discrimination, train your organization on policies and procedures to keep the workplace free of such behavior.

Workplace Violence

Take measures to teach your employees preventive measures and prepare them for various emergencies to keep the workplace safe as possible.

Anti-Corruption and Ethics

Solidify understanding of corruption laws and coach employees on how to deal with bribery and corruption.

Data Security

Train your staff on how to recognize cyber threats to your organization and keep important data secure from corruption.

OSHA Training

Coach your organization on essential standards and requirements by OSHA to assure workplace safety.

HIPAA Training

Make sure your staff understands the requirements by HIPAA on privacy and confidentiality on protected health information.

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