Whether it’s a fast food joint or a five-star restaurant, customer-facing floor staff must always represent the establishment well, and the quality of food and drinks kept at consistent levels for any food and beverage business to be successful.

Employee training for both the front and back of the house is key in ensuring quality and productivity, but this is easier said than done in an industry with high turnover rates and information such as menus changing all the time.

Discover how food chains and restaurants use BrandAcademy to quickly and effectively nurture floor and kitchen staff to provide stellar customer services.

Improve the productivity and efficiency of the front and back of house while maintaining service quality

Help staff effectively perform on-the-job tasks by delivering key information and guides as micro-stories

Quickly adapt to changing situations by building content directly on the app and sending it in real-time

Always have a pulse on what’s happening in the field by receiving insights and feedback from your frontline

Provide positive reinforcements through the gamified app and engage all members in your channels

How Businesses in Food & Beverage can Train, Align, Market and Communicate with BrandAcademy


Quick, effective onboarding is important in the food and beverage industry, where employee turnover rates are extremely high, coupled with the need of training seasonal and temp staff during peak seasons. From the information of the food offerings on the menu to guides on how to execute on-the-job tasks like setting the table or entering order into a POS, help them efficiently transition into their positions.

Ongoing Training and Support

There is always a new influx of information such as menu changes, seasonal products, and special offers which people have to be up-to-speed with. Ensure all your channels have what they need to succeed, whether they are your direct employees or franchisees. Provide them with essential information to drive sales, then receive feedback from the field to understand what is going on in each and every channel.

Product Information

In-depth knowledge about what is being served on the menu is highly important for those working at a restaurant or a food chain. Customers will want to know a wide range of information, such as ingredients, sourcing, daily specials, and recommendations. Further, since many clients will also have allergies or dietary restrictions, knowing the menu inside-out is essential to ensure safety and satisfaction.

Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is not an easy feat, but it is essential in ensuring satisfaction and building lasting relationships with your clients so they keep returning to your establishment. From good communication skills to the ability of tailoring services per client or handling surprises, prepare your staff to deliver personalized, positive experiences to customers.

Etiquette and Presentation

From tips on exuding poise and courteousness through body language, basic etiquette on personal presentation and appearance, to guidance on how to place or remove dishes from the table, there are many points for customer-facing members working on the floor to learn and keep in mind while attending to clients.

Brand Training

Customer-facing staff are the face of the brand — make sure they know the values and missions of the establishment they represent. Get employees up-to-speed on history, heritage, awards won, and concept so they can speak to it when asked by customers. If there are specific brand vocabulary words your staff should be using, make sure they know and are using these phrases regularly.

Service Recovery

Mistakes can and do sometimes happen. If a customer perceives they were wronged in some way, it is key for staff on the floor to know how to swiftly react and attend to a situation. Guidance on the types of methods to use for certain scenarios as well as knowledge of how to handle upset customers will be a huge asset for customer-facing staff.

Health and Safety Standards

Enforcing a firm understanding among employees of health and safety standards will benefit the establishment’s trust and reputation in the long run. Personal hygiene, preventing contamination or food poisoning, and administering first aid are all fundamental for both back of house and front of house staff.

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