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Tokyo-based HR tech startup BrandAcademy unveiled a new workforce mobile training application, revolutionizing how companies and organizations train, measure, and connect with its entire workforce.

Hiring and Retention Challenges in the Face of Generation Y’s Shifted Expectations

Hiring and retention has become a global issue across all industries. The problem is further exacerbated with the influx of millennials entering the workforce with different sets of standards and values compared to previous generations. BrandAcademy aims to tackle these challenges by offering a unique mobile platform that truly resonates with the lifestyle and expectations of the modern day worker.

“Thanks to digitization, people’s expectations and behavior have changed dramatically over the last decade. You can’t keep training people the way you did 20 years ago and assume it will continue to work,” said Pierre Gaulis, founder of BrandAcademy. “BrandAcademy is tailored to the mindset and lifestyle of the modern worker, which is why the app is so effective. We aim to disrupt the HR tech industry in the Japanese market, which still lags behind in leveraging technology in the workspace while facing serious hiring and retainment problems due to its aging population.”

Embracing “Quick, Easy, Desired, Engaging” in Training

As an advanced learning management system, BrandAcademy focuses on four breakthrough concepts: pioneering micro-learning for quick, digestible training that sticks; delivering just-in-time training with content that empowers users on the job; fostering two-way communication to train then learn from your frontline; and implementing gamification motivating users to learn.

Micro-Learning On-the-Go

BrandAcademy is designed to work exclusively on mobile devices so users can develop essential skills, any where and any time. The app utilizes micro-learning, as studies have shown that information is more readily understood and retained when given in short, condensed bursts. To apply this concept, training is delivered in the form of micro-modules, which are bite-sized content each taking no more than a few minutes to get through. Users can quickly scan through content and absorb the information they need without committing too much of their time.

Knowledge When You Need it with Just-in-Time Training

Engaging training content can be built directly in BrandAcademy by simply dragging and dropping text, images, videos, and audio clips, then sent within seconds to the entire workforce. Leverage the speed and ease of creating and distributing content on BrandAcademy to deliver the most relevant knowledge when your workforce actually needs it through just-in-time training. Empowering people with skills they immediately find useful will motivate them to continue learning.

Fostering a Two-Way Conversation

Communication is a key driver for businesses, and often times the best ideas come from people working in the frontline. Foster a two-way conversation on BrandAcademy by sharing time-tested knowledge in the form of training, then gaining valuable insight back from people’s comments on content or through direct feedback.

Especially true in the service or retail market, customer-facing employees tend to be largely part-time or contract workers who purely execute tasks they were hired to do. As the frontline directly in contact with customers however, they are the best resource to gauge the realities of the market. BrandAcademy opens a channel for bottom-up communication, giving everyone the chance to provide their input and meaningfully contribute to the business. This in turn increases employment engagement and helps decision-makers identify opportunities they would have otherwise overlooked, fueling positive change and keeping businesses at the top of its game.

Motivate and Engage with Gamification

To bolster continuous learning and engagement, BrandAcademy uses an original algorithm which awards points to users based on their activity and participation. Users are then ranked on a leader board according to the total points they have earned. This so-called gamification mechanic of the app encourages friendly competition between peers and provides positive reinforcement for the user’s proactivity towards skilling up.

What’s Next for BrandAcademy

The future of BrandAcademy is bright, backed by well-established companies and organizations from various industries including manufacturing, tourism, and luxury brands that already use the platform to operate sales training, on-boarding programs or strategic alignments among other things. To scale even further, BrandAcademy is looking for partners and resellers both in Japan and internationally. BrandAcademy also provides opportunities for trainers seeking to scale further by distributing their courses through the platform.

About BrandAcademy

BrandAcademy is the workforce mobile training app that empower companies and organizations to train, track, and connect with its entire workforce, all in one place. The platform streamlines your training workflow and boosts the skills and readiness of your people. 


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